Sanja Ivić


Sanja Ivic, PhD

Curriculum Vitae






2009 – present: Research Fellow, Institute of European Studies; Belgrade (Serbia)

2015- 2020: Associate Research Fellow (non-resident), Institute of International Relations; Prague (Czech Republic)

2017-2018: Associate Research Fellow (non-resident), Institute of Applied Ethics; University of Hull (United Kingdom)

2012: Mentor, Distance Learning Program, Pathways Online School of Philosophy; Sheffield (United Kingdom)



Postdoctoral Research in Philosophy, University of Paris 10; Paris (France) PhD in European Studies, University of Belgrade, Belgrade (Serbia)

MA in Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

BA in Comparative Literature, University of Belgrade (Faculty of Philology) Belgrade (Serbia) BA in Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy; Belgrade (Serbia)

Foreign Research Fellowships and Internships


2021: Visiting Research Fellow (project: “The Crisis of Human Dignity in a Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic”; University of Crete (Greece)

2018: Visiting Research Fellow (project: “Dynamic Nature of Human Rights: Postmodern Analysis of the Third and Fourth Generation of Human Rights”, International Society for Philosophers; Sheffield (United Kingdom)

2014: Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research at the University of Paris 10, Ministry of Education, Science and Development (Serbia)

2013: INGRID research fellowship for the project “Demographic Change in the European Union”; Luxemburg Institute of Social Economic Research (Luxembourg)

2007: Research Project “Poststructuralist Philosophical Critique of European Anti-discrimination Law”, Institute for Women’s History (IIAV); Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2006: Research Fellowship, Soroptimist; Rotterdam (The Netherlands)



2020: Cooperation with the Ton Duc Thang (project: “Ethical Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic”) Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

2011-today: Project: “The European Union as a Postmodern Political Community: Global Context, Institutions and Identity”; Institute of European Studies; Belgrade (Serbia)

2009-2010: Project: “Contemporary Challenges to EU Citizenship”; Institute of European Studies; Belgrade (Serbia)

2007-2008: Project “Poststructuralist Philosophical Critique of European Family Law”, Institute for Women’s History (IIAV); Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Invited Lectures


2022: “The Concept of Global Citizenship”, University of Economic and Human Sciences; Warsaw, Poland

2017: “Europe’s Borders: Security, Migration, Human Rights”. Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy; Athens, Greece.

2016: “Globalization, Fragmentation, Regionalization”. NATO Defense College, Rome, Italy.

2007: “Symbolic, Normative and Transformative Dimensions of Law”, Institute for Women’s Studies (IIAV), Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Areas of Interest


Philosophy European Studies Political theory Human Rights



  • Member of the Board of the International Society for Philosophers, United
  • Member of Euroacademia
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the International Law Research
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the American International Journal of Contemporary Research
  • Member of Athens Institute for Research and Education,
  • Member of the Global Team of the Center for Promoting Ideas, USA
  • Member of Network Migration in Europe, Germany


Other Professional Activities


2017: Organizing international conference “European Union and India Relations Reconsidered in the Frame of Cultural and Political Legacy and Contemporary Impacts of Gandhi’s Thought”, Institute for European Studies, Serbia, 27-28 September.

2016: Editor at International Society for Philosophers (ISFP) Publishing (reviewing books submitted for publication) (Sheffield, UK)

2012: Reviewing project proposals in the field of political philosophy, GAČR, Czech Science Foundation (Czech Republic)

2011-present: reviewing papers in the three international peer-reviewed journals: International Law Research (Canada), American International Journal of Contemporary Research (USA) and Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution (Africa)

2009-2011: Reviewing conference papers, Steering group “Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship” A Diversity and Recognition Project (London, UK).




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  • (2008): Belgrade: Alma.

Book Chapters


  • (2023): Creating Digital European Citizenship and the Digital European Public Sphere. In: Ramiro Troitino, David (ed.) Digital Development of the European Union. London: Springer (forthcoming).
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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers


  • (2020): “The Relevance of the Postmodern Idea of Subjectivity for Development of the Concept of Posthuman Agency”, 4th Annual Posthuman Symposium, New York University, New York (odloženo za godinu).
  • (2019): “Globalization and Regionalization: National Postnational Values”, Symposium: Intercultural Challenges in the Era of Globalization, University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iasi, Romania.
  • (2018): “European Philosophical Identity ” Symposium: Interpretation of Values, University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iasi, Romania.
  • (2018): “European Identity in Light of Brexit”. Conference: Europe as a Global Actor, ISCTE- IUL, University of Lisbon,
  • (2015): Contemporary Challenges to EU University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences; Belgrade, Serbia.
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  • (2011): Shared Challenges in the European Union and the United States: Emerging from the European University Institute and the European Commission; Brussels, Belgium.
  • (2010): The European Union and Politics of 8th European Urban an Regional Studies Conference: Repositioning of Europe in Era of Global Transformation; Vienna, Austria.
  • (2009): Postmodern Conception of 5th Global Conference: Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship; Salzburg, Austria.
  • (2008): Cultural Differences and Cultural Intercultural Dialogue MALRO. Ministry of Culture, Republic of Serbia, and French Cultural Center; Belgrade (Serbia).
  • (2007): Human Rights Sixty Years after the Establishment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Harper Academic Research Competition: Factors for Prosperity, Progress and Human Flourishing, SocialChange; USA.